Nashville Charities

There are countless charitable organizations in Nashville. The city is compassionate and caring about the individuals living in and around the city. Though there are plenty of charities to get involved with, here are a few of our favorites.


Blood:Water Mission
PO Box 60381
Nashville, TN 37206


This charity was founded by the band Jars of Clay in 2004 with a mission to raise money and awareness toward the HIV/AIDS crisis in Africa. Since its induction, Blood:Water has raised millions of dollars and utilized thousands of volunteers to provide water and health care and support to victims in 13 different African countries.


Hands on Nashville
37 Peabody St #206
Nashville, TN 37210


Hands on Nashville is a non-profit organization that focuses on connecting volunteers with pressing issues in the community. The group focuses on environmental issues, homelessness, and hunger, as well as any other community need. The group has been working together for over 20 years to better the community and the lives of the residents of Nashville.


North Nashville Outreach
2209 Buchanan St
Nashville, TN 37208


The North Nashville Outreach is a group that advocates for enriching the quality of life among the residents of Nashville. The volunteers and staff of the organization work together in a variety of programs to help take care of members of the community that need the most help. The charity offers pregnancy and adoption support, counseling, childcare assistance, hunger issues, senior services, and care of immigrants.